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Different wedding dress for Different Person

Filming is the dream of many brides. It can make people feel very happy with the best loved ones for the future. It’s also a lot of trouble for people to choose wedding dresses, because the wedding dress is a variety of forms, so it will be troublesome to wear. People feel very tired of the mood, so to avoid such a thing, it is necessary to have a good grasp of how to choose a wedding dress dress, it will not delay the time of the new people.

So what kind of wedding dress is best, a lot of new people are easy to shoot, or feel good enough, and of course it’s a way, but it’s worth saying that if the new people know how to choose a wedding dress, they can make the photos taken even more. People are different, so that they will be more satisfied, so the choice of the right direction is the best.

How to choose wedding dress dress, the key is that we should pay attention to the selection of the scene of the film, and only with the scenic spots with each other, then the wedding photo shoot will be more satisfactory, and is to pay attention to the wedding dress and new people to match, how to choose also can be based on the photographer. Look, this is the right way to choose wedding dresses.

The unforgettable wedding begins with the choice of a suit of dress

Dress is very important in the wedding, the reporter found in the interview, many of the bride to abandon the gorgeous, unpractical, boasting dress style, more willing to go to the mall to buy a small dress, after the wedding can also be dressed in daily life. The reporter visited the Eurasian stores, the department stores, Yatai Fuyuan, the Changbai building, the Wanda Department stores and other big stores, and found that the style of the small dress in the spring and summer women’s clothes is “a hundred flowers bloom”.

The stylist suggests that the small and exquisite bride can choose a dress with a slightly exaggerated style. The high waist line is of course the killing technique of lengthening the legs and the proportions of long stature. The cute short style is also one of the first choice for the small bride. And the pear shaped figure of the bride, the upper body is not fat, the limbs are still fine, only the hip is more wide, in the choice of dress, to choose a fluffy skirt, so that the crotch can be “hidden.” In addition, the reporter found that the small dress brand in the mall is more affordable than the “price” dress. It is about 1000 yuan, and the price of fast fashion brand is less than 600 yuan, and it is real and real.

At the wedding, the groom’s dress is usually replaced by a general suit. It is just a suit of ordinary suit, very exquisite in fabric, cutting and collocation. In addition, men who follow the rules and pursue fashion can also choose the tuxedo and the three piece suit. Warm bird sales consultant told reporters: “wedding, the color of the suit must be solemn.

In style, the single breasted suits are more traditional, while the double breasted ones are more fashionable. The designer of stry gentry suggests that boys with smaller size can choose a single color, but a suit with stripes or striped fabrics, the fabric must be stiff, and the three piece is a good choice. The choice of tie should be in harmony with the suit. In fact, it can be bold to use collision color to form a contrast and ensure a sense of fashion.

5 tips on wedding dress selection

The groom’s wedding dress color should be matched with the bride’s wedding dress color, which should be matched with the bride’s wedding dress, and also harmonize the shape with the whole picture. The choice of groom dresses should be matched with their own conditions. For example, if the groom is flat, the groom can choose a suit. If the bridegroom is tall and the bride and the bride are bigger and bigger, they can choose the gown, which looks elegant and graceful.

If the boy is medium and short, he can choose the tuxedo, because the upper and lower body of the dresses is three to seven, which makes the groom more leg longer, and if it is a fat groom, it is not suitable for the groom.

Taking wedding photos and dressing is also the key to choose the dress. It should be based on worsted wool, polyester, cotton and hemp. The three points are the soft fabric, the good sense of falling and the smooth shaping. With the matte cloth competition, the glossy fabric becomes a new fashion. The light luster changed the black and heavy sense, and Dai Guangze’s dress made the bridegroom look younger and fashionable.

Choose a wedding dress to perfect your wedding

Urban wedding is the most common form of marriage in modern society. It is usually held in hotels or churches, mostly in hotels. In a gorgeous hotel, the dress is the most fashionable, simple, elegant, exquisite wedding dress and dress, which is the most stable choice for the modern wedding.

The bride may look for inspiration from the 2016 wedding week of New York in the spring and summer. The simple and exquisite design is the new style of the coming season. From the mature and sexy deep V collar, the 3D three-dimensional flower to the thin design, all are very simple and generous, for example, the shape of the 2016 spring and summer dress of LelaRose is very clean and simple, and you can’t help focusing all the attention on the delicate lace. And Mo-niqueLhuillier2016 spring wedding dress series, with a red carpet dress style, inspired by “Alice Wonderland”, exquisite jewelry and half sleeve design balance deep V’s excessive sexy. In addition, a large enough skirt provides a comfortable space for the legs.

And the wedding in the city, the mainstream color of the men’s suit is black, the black is the classic color, is also never out of fashion color, at the same time, gray, dark blue and other stable color system is also the right choice. However, the bridegroom should keep in mind when choosing a suit: the three buckles must be two buttons, the two buckles are only a button on the upper side, and the single buckle suit is suitable for the fat person, and the three buckle suit is suitable for the man who keeps the thin and thin body.

Choose a suitable lady’s dress

The sexy clavicle is a natural dress for the design of a bra to show. The tuxedo can be said to be the most basic and most classic style of the photo dress. The natural collarbone, under the lining of the dresses of the chest, appears to be a sexy little woman.

The young people who are not too big to show their back in the ordinary day, this time can take advantage of the opportunity of wearing a photo dress, let their sexy back show, the big back of the photo dress though a bit exaggerated, but really sexy.

The design of the waist hollow is not only able to make the young’s waist look more slender, but more suitable for young people who want to show the waist. The hollow out design is a careful machine for the sexy display of the waist.

How should the bride’s wedding dress be chosen?

It has always been the wedding dress style chosen by many people. This is a kind of tailoring which is gradually enlarged under the buttocks, similar to the capital letter A. It has been pursued by many brides with simple and smooth cutting, not only elegant and generous, but also a streamline and delicate feeling, and it can also cover the problem of body fat.

Princess dress style wedding dress is the best choice for dream and gorgeous wedding. It feels especially luxurious and luxurious. It is like a princess. The feeling of aristocracy is the love of a dream or gorgeous bride. At the same time, it can disguise the problem of body fat. It is also one of the hot wedding styles.

Fishtail style wedding dress can highlight the curvy beauty of women, suitable for the proud bride. This type of wedding dress is characterized by a narrow cut near the knee position to highlight the curve of the female body, with the tailor cut of the chest to the waist, and the perfect appearance of the bride’s good figure. The wedding dress of fishtail skirt can also make the bride more graceful and graceful when walking. It is the most beautiful and sexy choice.

The bride’s wedding gown in winter

On the shoulders of a wider bride, the choice of wedding dresses must avoid the V collar or collar design, and the narrow shoulder strap do not choose; it is best to choose the sleeveless style of the wedding dress, and must remember, avoid the use of shoulder pad, or see to be more robust.

If the figure belongs to this type of bride, it is best not to choose the wedding dress of those high neckline or collar style necklaces or Lapel coats, which will cover the neck and not look good. We should choose the V neck collar or round neck wedding dress, and it is a shoulder length style with a long necklace.

The bride should not choose a sleeveless style, no shoulder padded lantern sleeves and a low V collar or a collar style wedding dress without a shoulder pad. It is better to choose the lantern sleeves with shoulder pads or the sleeves of the sheep’s splenic sleeves, and the shoulders are better decorated with flowers, such as the wedding veil with a little fold, edge and so on.

What should be paid attention to when choosing wedding dress?

Before choosing a dress, you must determine the season, the exact time, place and style of the wedding. The dress should be in harmony with the style of the wedding. If your wedding is a very fashionable wedding, you can choose a wedding dress at the front of the tide; if it is a traditional ceremony, the choice of classical and grand dress must be true; if a wedding in the countryside or garden is held, the dress is to choose the light and cheerful style suitable for outdoors.

Collect some pictures of your favorite dress in advance, and mark them, showing your favorite styles and shapes, especially the details of necklines and waistlines. When you exchange with a dress consultant or designer, remember to bring your picture with you, so that you can express your thoughts and opinions more clearly.

The cost of dress and other accessories is generally 6-15% of the cost of the wedding. If you have a budget, you can customize a dress that suits you most. Of course, it is also a good way to rent a s

How to select your exclusive wedding dress

The wedding season is different, and the material of the wedding dress can also be changed. For example, during the winter wedding, you can choose a stack of fluffy potions to increase the warmth and heavy feeling. It can also be thickened with the designer’s request in the custom wedding dress. The wedding veil will not change the basic style, but it can bring a new temperature to the new person. Warm.

Different dress accessories are also needed according to the season. During the winter wedding, a small shawl, a feather – like glove, and a Snowflake Necklace can be used in a winter wedding. In the summer wedding, cool and bright necklace and light blue headwear will have a good effect.

Whether the wedding dress is beautiful and harmonious as a whole, does it highlight the basic features of the wedding dress, and whether the unique design is enough to make a bright eye.

The skeleton of the wedding dress (fish bone) can fully fit the figure of the new person, in the high quality wedding dress, with the skirt of the skirt style, it should not see the skeleton of the skirt. It should be a natural feeling of hanging down. There is also the most important chest skeleton, which should fit the bride’s chest and play a role of comfort and plasticity. Be sure to be absolutely comfortable and natural.

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