How to select your exclusive wedding dress

The wedding season is different, and the material of the wedding dress can also be changed. For example, during the winter wedding, you can choose a stack of fluffy potions to increase the warmth and heavy feeling. It can also be thickened with the designer’s request in the custom wedding dress. The wedding veil will not change the basic style, but it can bring a new temperature to the new person. Warm.

Different dress accessories are also needed according to the season. During the winter wedding, a small shawl, a feather – like glove, and a Snowflake Necklace can be used in a winter wedding. In the summer wedding, cool and bright necklace and light blue headwear will have a good effect.

Whether the wedding dress is beautiful and harmonious as a whole, does it highlight the basic features of the wedding dress, and whether the unique design is enough to make a bright eye.

The skeleton of the wedding dress (fish bone) can fully fit the figure of the new person, in the high quality wedding dress, with the skirt of the skirt style, it should not see the skeleton of the skirt. It should be a natural feeling of hanging down. There is also the most important chest skeleton, which should fit the bride’s chest and play a role of comfort and plasticity. Be sure to be absolutely comfortable and natural.

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