The bride’s wedding gown in winter

On the shoulders of a wider bride, the choice of wedding dresses must avoid the V collar or collar design, and the narrow shoulder strap do not choose; it is best to choose the sleeveless style of the wedding dress, and must remember, avoid the use of shoulder pad, or see to be more robust.

If the figure belongs to this type of bride, it is best not to choose the wedding dress of those high neckline or collar style necklaces or Lapel coats, which will cover the neck and not look good. We should choose the V neck collar or round neck wedding dress, and it is a shoulder length style with a long necklace.

The bride should not choose a sleeveless style, no shoulder padded lantern sleeves and a low V collar or a collar style wedding dress without a shoulder pad. It is better to choose the lantern sleeves with shoulder pads or the sleeves of the sheep’s splenic sleeves, and the shoulders are better decorated with flowers, such as the wedding veil with a little fold, edge and so on.

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