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What should be paid attention to when choosing wedding dress?

Before choosing a dress, you must determine the season, the exact time, place and style of the wedding. The dress should be in harmony with the style of the wedding. If your wedding is a very fashionable wedding, you can choose a wedding dress at the front of the tide; if it is a traditional ceremony, the choice of classical and grand dress must be true; if a wedding in the countryside or garden is held, the dress is to choose the light and cheerful style suitable for outdoors.

Collect some pictures of your favorite dress in advance, and mark them, showing your favorite styles and shapes, especially the details of necklines and waistlines. When you exchange with a dress consultant or designer, remember to bring your picture with you, so that you can express your thoughts and opinions more clearly.

The cost of dress and other accessories is generally 6-15% of the cost of the wedding. If you have a budget, you can customize a dress that suits you most. Of course, it is also a good way to rent a s