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5 tips on wedding dress selection

The groom’s wedding dress color should be matched with the bride’s wedding dress color, which should be matched with the bride’s wedding dress, and also harmonize the shape with the whole picture. The choice of groom dresses should be matched with their own conditions. For example, if the groom is flat, the groom can choose a suit. If the bridegroom is tall and the bride and the bride are bigger and bigger, they can choose the gown, which looks elegant and graceful.

If the boy is medium and short, he can choose the tuxedo, because the upper and lower body of the dresses is three to seven, which makes the groom more leg longer, and if it is a fat groom, it is not suitable for the groom.

Taking wedding photos and dressing is also the key to choose the dress. It should be based on worsted wool, polyester, cotton and hemp. The three points are the soft fabric, the good sense of falling and the smooth shaping. With the matte cloth competition, the glossy fabric becomes a new fashion. The light luster changed the black and heavy sense, and Dai Guangze’s dress made the bridegroom look younger and fashionable.