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The unforgettable wedding begins with the choice of a suit of dress

Dress is very important in the wedding, the reporter found in the interview, many of the bride to abandon the gorgeous, unpractical, boasting dress style, more willing to go to the mall to buy a small dress, after the wedding can also be dressed in daily life. The reporter visited the Eurasian stores, the department stores, Yatai Fuyuan, the Changbai building, the Wanda Department stores and other big stores, and found that the style of the small dress in the spring and summer women’s clothes is “a hundred flowers bloom”.

The stylist suggests that the small and exquisite bride can choose a dress with a slightly exaggerated style. The high waist line is of course the killing technique of lengthening the legs and the proportions of long stature. The cute short style is also one of the first choice for the small bride. And the pear shaped figure of the bride, the upper body is not fat, the limbs are still fine, only the hip is more wide, in the choice of dress, to choose a fluffy skirt, so that the crotch can be “hidden.” In addition, the reporter found that the small dress brand in the mall is more affordable than the “price” dress. It is about 1000 yuan, and the price of fast fashion brand is less than 600 yuan, and it is real and real.

At the wedding, the groom’s dress is usually replaced by a general suit. It is just a suit of ordinary suit, very exquisite in fabric, cutting and collocation. In addition, men who follow the rules and pursue fashion can also choose the tuxedo and the three piece suit. Warm bird sales consultant told reporters: “wedding, the color of the suit must be solemn.

In style, the single breasted suits are more traditional, while the double breasted ones are more fashionable. The designer of stry gentry suggests that boys with smaller size can choose a single color, but a suit with stripes or striped fabrics, the fabric must be stiff, and the three piece is a good choice. The choice of tie should be in harmony with the suit. In fact, it can be bold to use collision color to form a contrast and ensure a sense of fashion.